What size should I wear for the Tummy Tucker?

When you are buying the Tummy Tucker band it is very important to be able to choose the correct sizing to
obtain optimal results. If you purchase the Tummy Tucker during pregnancy you should aim for 1 to 2 sizes
above your pre-pregnancy belly. You can correctly choose this size by measuring around the biggest part
of your bell which is usually at the belly button right before giving birth. Just take away 8-12 cm from your
measurement and choose the size that corresponds. If you are choosing a Tummy Tucker post-pregnancy,
simply measure your belly across starting from your belly button all the way around. Usually you must allow
for at least 8 cm of adjustability so that you can adjust as you progress. For the most optimal fit it is
suggested to lay on top of the Tummy Tucker on a flat surface and wrap it from there. Please refer to the
sizing guide when choosing your size

Where should the Velcro closure be positioned?

The Velcro should be closed off to the side to remain hidden under clothing while still keeping a tight fit. If
the closure is kept off to the side it will help to maintain a flat look. However a center position for the closure
will also get the job done but will not be as inconspicuous. For the best results the Velcro should hardly be

I am having more than one baby how do I pick the right size?

Our research indicates that although every woman´s body is different the most accurate way to tell what
size your belly will be after giving birth is to wait until the eight month and measure all the way across around
the belly button area. This measurement will usually indicate your post-partum belly size. Please note that
this also depends on whether you will be giving birth naturally or undergoing a C-section. In the case of a
C-section many times it is necessary to go up a size due to possible swelling. If you wait to measure at
month 9 of your pregnancy please subtract 8-12 cm from that measurement based on how much your
belly has grown to get a clear idea of the right size for your post-pregnancy belly. There is not an absolute
way to get a clear measurement but these techniques should help you get in the right direction whether you
are having one baby, twins, triplets, or whatever else may come your way!

How tight should my Tummy Tucker feel?

The perfect fit for a Tummy Tucker should feel very tight in order to get the job done. The Velcro should
barely close for optimal results as this maximizes the compression. If the band is 3-5 cm from closing all
the way then this is an optimal fit and you should notice an easier fit within a couple of days. For more
information on the tightness of the fit please refer to our Tummy Tucker video found at www.TummyTucker.eu.

Can I sit while wearing the tummy Tucker?

All types of movements are permitted while wearing the Tummy Tucker. The only suggestion if you feel
uncomfortable sitting down is to pull the band closer over your hips. This allows you to sit more comfortably
and for the Tummy Tucker to remain hidden under your shirt and pants.

Should I take my waist height into account?

As previously mentioned, all bodies are different but the Tummy Tucker was engineered to adapt to your
special needs. Although some women have a shorter waist height this can easily be adjusted by wearing
the Tummy Tucker lower on the hips.

When can I begin to use the Tummy Tucker and how long should I wear it?

Immediately after giving birth. The Tummy Tucker was designed to bring optimal support right after delivery.
It is highly recommended that you talk with your doctor before beginning to use the Tummy Tucker. This is
especially important if you have had a C-section since it could help to increase the natural healing process
and minimize pain. It should be worn for at least 7-9 weeks and longer for best results.

Should the Tummy Tucker be used during pregnancy?

Absolutely not. The Tummy Tucker is only meant to be used AFTER pregnancy. If you are looking for
support for your belly during pregnancy you can purchase our Belly Helper!

When should I take the Tummy Tucker off?

The Tummy Tucker should be worn consistently 24 hours a day. It should only be taken off while showering
or when cleaning the band. It is highly recommended to sleep with the band on in order to maximize your

Can I use the Tummy Tucker months after giving birth?

The Tummy Tucker can be worn whenever you feel that it is time to start using it. Although it is highly
recommended to begin using it immediately after giving birth, it does not mean you are not able to use it
after. Whether it is 1 month, 4 months, 6 months or even a year after giving birth it is never too late to start
using the Tummy Tucker. This question is difficult to answer as every woman´s body is different and will
react differently while using the Tummy Tucker. Since there are additional benefits to the Tummy Tucker like
extra back support and improved posture it can help to feel better and be more active anytime after giving
birth. This can also help when exercising as it pressures and engages your entire core. This increases your
ability to build strength and tone by compressing the target area while making you look slimmer in your
clothes. The Tummy Tucker was not meant to work miracles but it is a healthy step in the right direction.

I´ve never had a baby, can the Tummy Tucker help me lose weight?

Like mentioned earlier, the Tummy Tucker was not engineered to work miracles as it is NOT a weight loss
product as it will not make you lose extra body weight. But that does not mean you should not use it when
you want to especially if it makes you feel good. The Tummy Tucker can help much like it can help improve
posture and have extra back support in everyday activities. Additionally it can increase the pressure around
your core muscles and engaging your entire body. Sport trainers often emphasize the importance of
building a strong core in order to tighten and tone your whole body. The Tummy Tucker can aid by being
the constant pressure on this target area. Although it will not help you lose weight it can help by giving you
that extra support in your core area. No kids? No problem!

Is there a specific amount of time that I should wear the Tummy Tucker? Weeks? Months?

The best results occur when you have worn the Tummy Tucker for a minimum of 7-9 weeks. This is just a
minimum as the longer you wear it the more beneficial the results. It should be worn all day every day and
should only be removed to shower. The Tummy Tucker should put enough pressure on your stomach so
that you feel it but is not uncomfortable. But be aware that it is only a complement to your daily exercise
and eating regimen.

Will the Tummy Tucker show if I wear it under my clothes?

The Tummy Tucker was designed to be able to wear comfortably underneath your clothes. This is not to
say that it will not show if you are wearing a tight fitting shirt. For the most part it will help in making your
stomach look slimmer and smoother under most of your clothing so that you can comfortably wear it
anywhere you go

When will results start to show?

Results can vary especially when taking things like diet and breastfeeding into account. Most women will
see results in as little as one week if worn as instructed. However other women may experience results in
3-4 weeks. This may not be exact as different bodies may react differently to the Tummy Tucker

How can the Tummy Tucker help moms who have had a C-section?

Before anything please consult with your doctor to see when you can begin wearing your Tummy Tucker
as they will know more about your specific conditions. The Tummy Tucker helps to alleviate the conditions
of the C-section by adding extra support while your hormones are shifting back to their normal conditions.
The natural antimicrobial bamboo material keeps your skin soft and dry during this period of restoration.

Can the Tummy Tucker help avoid stretch marks?

One of the main concerns for post-partum moms are stretch marks. That is why the Tummy Tucker was
engineered to help tuck excess skin in order to release tension and minimize stretch marks that occur after
giving birth. The post period of your recovery may be the most vital since your skin has been stretched and
the longer it remains out of place the more likely it is to cause stretch marks. A perfect complement to
exercise and healthy eating the Tummy Tucker will keep extra skin in place for when you finally start seeing

What types of conditions can the Tummy Tucker help to alleviate?

The Tummy Tucker is meant to give your core that extra support so it is no wonder it can help in the recovery
process for many conditions. Typically most helpful with back pain, the Tummy Tucker can also help when
you have undergone back or stomach surgery. This might include something as typical as a tummy tuck,
liposuction, gastric bypass, etc.

My Tummy Tucker has developed creases, is this normal or do I need a new one?

As you begin using the Tummy Tucker, it will adapt itself to your body. This may cause creases in your band
but will not hinder the compression to give you the results. This is simply an effect of continued use and
may actually make it more comfortable to wear around in your daily activities. The material inside of the
band remains the same giving you the ultimate compression for better results.

How can I clean my Tummy Tucker and how often?

You should always handwash the Tummy Tucker as this is the safest way to get it clean. Using cold water
and soap gently remove the excess dirt. Do not squeeze or apply too much pressure when cleaning it as
this may damage the compression of the band. Once washed simply air dry the Tummy Tucker which may
take approximately 12 hours. It is highly recommended that you purchase two bands so that you are able
to wear one while the other is being washed. You should clean your Tummy Tucker at least once every two

Can I pass down my Tummy Tucker to someone else?

The Tummy Tucker should not be passed down from mother to mother. As mentioned before the Tummy
Tucker is enginereed to adapt to your individual body and not made to share. If you are going to purchase
a Tummy Tucker make sure it is new and the right measurement for your body. This will enable you to
achieve maximum results for your post-partum recovery.