“After my pregnancy I was afraid I would never get back to my normal shape. After
only 2 weeks of wearing it my confidence grew as my waist decreased. Thanks
Tummy Tucker!”

– Sarah Mongomery

“Having a son was the most important milestone in my life, which is why I was so
upset when the back pains started shortly after giving birth. The Tummy Tucker has
given me the extra support necessary to alleviate the pain and be the mother I always
wanted to be.”

– Suzanne Kensington

“For several months I had tried different post-partum belts that felt rough against my
skin or did not fit. After my friend recommended the Tummy Tucker, I decided to give
it one last try. The bamboo felt soft against my skin and was a perfect fit!”

– Melanie Kaiser

“Immediately after giving birth to my second child I had to go back to work. The
Tummy Tucker made moving around a lot easier and was invisible underneath my
work attire.”

– Ella Wood

“I had heard my friends talk about how the Tummy Tucker helped them heal. Shortly
after my C-section I decided to see if the rumors were true. It definitely accelerated
the healing process and in a couple of weeks I was feeling like new.”

– Jennifer Lee Segmueller